• Active shooter training drills & lockdown procedures
  • Campus wide challenge system
  • Emergency management plan
  • Tactical emergency casualty care
  • Guard service management
  • Outer perimeter vulnerabilities
  • Cameras – access control system

Our active shooter awareness training, formally named the Corporate/ Campus Vulnerability Assessment Program (CVAP), was designed to remedy existing gaps in training and response that our team at Alaris TMC consistently observed during other programs. We wanted to create a proactive program that remedied the vulnerabilities present in other plans while being easily customized to meet the unique needs of each client. Through CVAP, we provide:

  • Education
    • We will walk you through law enforcement response times as well as procedure. Knowing what to expect can be of great comfort and can help keep you safe.
    • We will educate you on emergency trauma care. Did you know that uncontrolled bleeding is the most significant preventable cause of death in a pre-hospital environment? Our hope is to lower those numbers through teaching people skills such as how to use a tourniquet.
  • Emergency Management Plan (EMP)
    • We will develop an emergency action plan and customize it to your facility. Just as you have an action plan in case of a fire, you should have an action plan in case of an active shooter.
  • Training Drills
    • We will perform tabletop exercises and active shooter training drills incorporating your customized Emergency Management Plan (EMP). Feeling prepared can bring a great sense of comfort to you and your employees.

At Alaris TMC, we care about your safety. Our team of experts consist of former local, state, federal, and international law enforcement officers. For decades, our experts have devoted their lives to protecting people. Our Founder and CEO, former Special Agent Shawn Boutot, is intimately familiar with active shooter situations. Having worked as a lead on the Binghamton mass shooting in 2009 that left 13 casualties and 4 critically wounded, Boutot has invaluable personal insight into active shooter events. We want to help keep you safe. We want to help you stay one step ahead.

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