Two out of three cybercrimes are committed against small to medium-sized businesses. More than 60% of these businesses shutter due to the attack.

Today, all businesses rely on the use of the internet and online services to communicate and deliver value to their customers. However, we are reminded on a daily basis that everything good about the internet and online service delivery can be undone in an instant through failure to keep up with emerging threats.

Loss of customer data, revenue, and denial of service through ransomware are real and present threats to all businesses. Not just large global organizations. Small and medium companies who often have the least resources to withstand an attack against their network are increasingly being targeted by threat actors using more and more complex and devious ways to gain control of networks and data.

Alaris TMC’s commitment is to work discreetly and closely with our clients to seek to understand the problems they are facing in this increasingly complex online business world. Once we have a grip on the problem, we will work with your existing teams to identify threat, risk, and vulnerabilities to your business through your online identity.

Let Alaris TMC help you stay one step ahead.

Our Experts are Here to Help

Extensive real-world experience from national security, military intelligence, law enforcement, and cyber security industries ensures that we deliver maximum return on your investment with us. Our experts offer exceptional expertise unique to the market.

Dave Grootswassink

David Grootwassink, CEO

David has over 30 years of technical experience in the mobile technologies and standards industry. He is an expert in mobile roaming services, messaging services and signaling. David has held key technical positions at VeriSign, Illuminet, BellSouth International and GTE Data Services. Additionally, David worked as a USAF Air Warfare Center Signal Intelligence Officer where he led a team of professionals to analyze and interpret intelligence information to extract useful electronic warfare data.


David Johnston, Director of Cybersecurity

David is a seasoned senior leader with considerable experience in national security. As a former senior commander at Scotland Yard, David has extensive experience of crisis management and the management of complex and sensitive investigations. As the lead for Economic Crime at Scotland Yard, he has provided strong leadership and strategic advice to governments as well as large financial institutions. David also worked as a senior leader in GCHQ, the British equivalency of the United States NSA. He developed cross agency teams to provide technical operational services and policy advice on countering terrorism, interception of communications, and national security operations across the intelligence and law enforcement agencies of the UK. In 2008, David was awarded the Queens Police Medal by Her Majesty the Queen for outstanding contributions to UK policing and National Security.

Shawn Boutot, Co-Founder

Shawn Boutot has served as a Special Agent for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Homeland Security Investigations (HSI). Duties included investigating money laundering, commercial fraud, narcotic smuggling, worksite enforcement, child pornography as well as covert and overt cyber intellectual property rights. Shawn has deep relationships within the U.S. as well as internationally within law enforcement and military communities. This gives him the unique ability to engage threat mitigation and security experts throughout the U.S. and the globe as valued resources and consultants for Alaris TMC.

Kristen Krouk, VP Marketing

Kristen has more than 30-years in business-to-business marketing. She has an MBA, specializing in Management Information Systems, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship. She also has a Master’s in Communication and Web Design from the University of Florida, focusing on social media and small business digital marketing. Kristen and her department strive to provide your business with peace of mind…keeping your company informed of cyber education and latest developments. Her department is vital to creating an atmosphere of continual learning for your employees and will provide content that is clear, concise and fun.


What Our Experts Will Do for You

Our assessment process is conducted on premise and ensures limited intrusion to your business workflow and operations. Our solutions range from on-demand detailed digital risk reports to an enterprise-grade platform that automatically delivers contextual cyber exposure insights to scale up and simplify your risk mitigation efforts.

By providing total visibility of your organization’s exposure across the open web and dark networks in real-time, every threat identified by our solutions is relevant and actionable. Once we have a full understanding of the threats and risks from conducting a comprehensive assessment of your online business identity, we will provide a clear and practical plan to provide logical steps to make your business more secure.

Together, we will help you build a stronger and more effective online presence that will ensure that you can demonstrate compliance with relevant laws and codes of practice for your business sector, while also protecting your intellectual property, customer data, and value.

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