Are you in compliance with the HIPAA security rule? Do you know enough about the rule to know?

The Alaris CompliancePartner program is designed to help bring medical practices into full HIPAA Security Rule compliance.

First Look

Alaris will perform a free-of-charge objective look at the current level of HIPAA compliance of your practice. At the end of the review, you will receive an evaluation of how close you actually are to compliance with the HIPAA security rule.

Full Assessment

Should you choose to go forward with Alaris to bring you into compliance, we will perform an extensive assessment of your practice. This assessment includes digital assets and existing protocols and procedures.

Administrative Safeguards

First, we will perform a full multi-aspect risk assessment of the….

  • Internal network infrastructure.
  • Individual devices within the network.
  • Applications running in the network.
  • Existing information security policies.

Alaris will handle communications with vendors to drill down to the risks associated with each system or application.

Physical Safeguards

Alaris will work with you to assess how well the practice meets the physical security aspects of the Security Rule.

Technical Safeguards

The technical safeguards put forward in the HIPAA Security Rule are largely operational in nature. The Alaris CompliancePartner program will work with your practice to assess current technical operations and how well they compare with the Security Rule.

Compliance Plan

At the conclusion of the assessment, Alaris will work with the practice to create the plan for getting the practice into full HIPAA Security Rule compliance. This will result in the generation of several documents which make up the bulk of HIPAA audit documentation:

  • Information Security policy including risk mitigation
  • Audit and equipment logs
  • Emergency procedures documents
  • Compliance deficiency remediation checklist


As your partner, Alaris will work with you and conduct periodic reviews of implementation progress until you are over the finish line of complete compliance with HIPAA requirements.