• Assessment of site / systems and determination of the scope of the test
  • Internal testing
  • External Testing
  • Applications and information portals
  • Wireless networks identification of weaknesses


  • All risks based on the current server / application setup / configuration
  • Vulnerabilities and running services for the servers and applications
  • What has been done to exploit each security issue
  • Remediation step near-term and long-term actions
Cyber Security

Network penetration testing seeks to establish how a potential malicious user can obtain illicit access to your business information assets. In plain terminology, network penetration testing ensures that IT environments are appropriately secured and that any potential vulnerabilities in the system have been addressed.

Network penetration testing is performed by what is referred to as a “Red Team.” The Red Team will attempt to find any technical holes that could be exploited by hackers to compromise your information, computing, or network assets. This test is typically done after an organization has applied cybersecurity controls and then periodically to assess vulnerabilities in a dynamic cyberthreat environment. By doing a network penetration test, the chances of an attack being successful are drastically reduced and your business will stay safer. We customize our services to fit the size of your business.

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