The SafetyNet system starts at the HIPAA operational requirements and takes you forward into a position of having an enterprise class virtual Security Operations Center.

This service will provide you with:

  • Professional cyber awareness and social engineering training and testing.

91% of all successful breaches start with a phishing email attack. Has your staff been trained on how to detect these types of emails and other social engineering attempts to gain access to PHI? Have you conducted any tests to be sure? The Alaris SafetyNet program will provide the highest level of social engineering awareness training, followed up by simulated social engineering attacks throughout the year to evaluate your staff. This is the most important thing you can do to prevent a breach before it starts.

  • Security event and log analysis management required for HIPAA compliance.
  • Ongoing asset discovery

Have any devices been added to the network, perhaps without the knowledge of the security or network manager?

  • Ongoing Vulnerability Scanning

New vulnerabilities are being discovered and documented every day. Hackers will take advantage of unpatched systems as soon as a new vulnerability is discovered. Do you know if all of your systems are fully patched and have no outstanding vulnerabilities?

  • Ongoing Threat Intelligence

The Alaris SafetyNet system is driven by intelligence information derived daily from private, public, and military sources all over the world.    This information is refreshed daily to keep new threat information and signatures front and center for all the intrusion detection systems.

  • Network Intrusion Detection

Network intrusion detection systems (NIDS) are placed at a strategic point or points within the network to monitor traffic to and from all devices on the network. It performs an analysis of passing traffic on the entire network segment and matches the traffic that is passed on the subnets to the library of known attack characteristics to include URLs, packet patterns, and network connection endpoints. Once an attack is identified, or abnormal behavior is sensed, the alert can be sent to the administrator and actions can be taken quickly and efficiently.

  • Endpoint Intrusion Detection and Endpoint File Integrity Monitoring

The Alaris SafetyNet endpoint security system is an agent that monitors whether anything or anyone, whether internal or external, has circumvented the system’s security policy.  It is capable of monitoring all or parts of the dynamic behavior and the state of a computer system. It will dynamically inspect network packets targeted at a specific host looking for anomalies or known attack vectors. It also provides verification of file and registry resource integrity, if any of these resources change (as they would as a result of malware and Ransomware attacks) alerts are sounded and immediate action can be taken.

The endpoint system also verifies the state of the system. It will report on insecure configurations, which is always the case of default operating system installations, and system settings that do not seem normal (as if they may have been modified as part of an intrusion).

  • Behavioral Analysis

As the Alaris SafetyNet system monitors your individual network assets, it will start to gather information on typical behaviors of those assets. As the system learns, it will start to question activity which is outside the norm. After a full picture of what is “normal” has been established, alerts will be issued when something outside of “normal” is seen on the network for further investigation.