Phishing Remains #1

phishing chart by dark read

Phishing, malware, and denial-of-service attacks (the second two often caused by the first) remained the most common causes for data breaches in 2021.

Data from Dark Reading’s latest Strategic Security Survey show that more companies experienced a data breach over the past year due to phishing than any other cause. The percentage of organizations reporting a phishing-related breach is slightly higher in the 2021 survey (53%) than in the 2020 survey (51%).

Fifteen percent of respondents identified their organizations as victims of a targeted attack in the past 12 months, compared with 25% in the 2020 survey.   While the reported number of attacks seems to have decreased a bit, the stakes seem to be increasing. The average ransomware payment in 2021 was $570,000, an increase when compared to $312,000, an 83% increase.

Organizations need to take steps to defend against ransomware and targeted attacks, and the data in the survey underscores the fact that defending against these types of attacks remain challenging for most organizations.  Training, vigilant defense, and automatic rapid response are the best ways to repel attacks and limit the damage when one occurs.

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